All In was really a band created by a pure accident.  Members of the band Chris Eckert and Zach Knudsen were playing guitar seperately one day in high school but overheard each other while playing.  They both found an interest in the type of music the other played and created.  So after that day they decided they would start to play with each other and see where it lead them.  Little did they know puting their ideas together would make a gateway to great music.  Unsure of their new found music they searched for feedback and played for many a crowd.  Everyone instantly fell in love with the type of music they were producing, they knew they had something good going.  Soon after their new found confidence they created "From the Depths Of My Heart,"  which really exploded with popularity as people heard it.  Growing to be best friends, the two bandmates started to produce song after song, all getting equally good feedback.  Around New Years of 2011 they announced their first album "Breaking out," while also at the same time recording their new hit "Soldiers Of the Night."  As of right now the band has around fifteen new songs to be looked at and recorded for "Breaking Out."  They also hope to be touring with "The Extreme Sports Tour," this summer.

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